First Asian Investments, Inc. (FAISA) is a privately-held company focused primarily on real estate and private equity investments in the US and UK. The current portfolio includes:  Mindteck (India) Limited, a global, publicly-held technology company; an LLC investing in Florida-based ventures; a fund of funds that invests in enterprising startups in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.  First Asian Investments WLL, an affiliated company, is renown for its regional expertise in the Middle East, the Indian Subcontinent, Turkey and Central Asia, registered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.


First Asian Investments, Inc. was founded by Iqbal G. Mamdani.  Mr. Mamdani a banker and entrepreneur career spans over 55 years and several continents.  He currently serves as Chairman of First Asian Investments, Inc. and The Iqbal and Shelby Mamdani Foundation located in Naples, Florida.